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December 27, 2012
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Staring blankly at the TV screen, Ashley sighs. The continuous sound of water still came from the bathroom, meaning Andy was still in the shower. Ashley swore he was doing this just to fucking tease him, he knew Andy was. He had to have been, why else would he have been showering for the past hour.

Huffing, Ashley gets up and goes to the bathroom door, banging on it. "Biersack I swear if you use up all the hot water you're sleeping alone tonight. There's two beds, I'm perfectly fine sleeping in one alone," Ashley says, putting his hands on his hips. A few seconds later, the door opens, and Andy stands there, soaking wet, hair dripping, and most of all, totally naked. Ashley's eyes widen and he steps back slightly, shaking his head lightly. "Andy what the fuck?"

Andy smiles, and takes Ashley's hand in his. "Oh come on baby, if you want me out so badly, why not come join me?" Andy smirks, and crosses his arms. "I mean it's totally big enough for two,"

"I-" Ashley stops,  looking down at his feet, and then up to Andy with a smirk. "Why not?" Andy sticks his tongue out, and steps aside to let Ashley in, immediately grabbing onto Ashley's shirt, tugging on the bottom of it. "Off, right now,"

Ashley looked to his shirt and then to Andy, biting on his lip. He took off the tight t-shirt and dropped it onto the ground, and then sliding his boxers down, and stepping out of them. "God you're gorgeous," Andy takes Ashley's hands in his, and presses his lips against Ashley's. Ashley takes his hands and puts them on Andy's hips,  one moving to rest on his ass.  "Come on, before you get cold,"

They get into the shower, and under the warm spray. Immediately, Andy pulls Ashley back against him. Smirking at him, Andy presses Ashley against the cold tile of the shower, making Ashley wince at the cold. Ashley grabs Andy around the waist and presses his lips back against Andy's. Running his tongue into Ashley's mouth, Andy pins his hands to the wall.

"What - "

Andy puts his fingers to Ashley's mouth and shakes his head. "Nope. Shh. Let me handle everything," Andy lightly takes Ashley's cock in his hand. "Okay?" Whining, Ashley presses his head against the wall, biting his lip. Andy grips a bit harder, earning a moan from Ashley. "Okay?" He asks again, more stern.

"Yes. Yes, oh fuck," Leaning his head back, it gives Andy the view of his neck. Leaning down, the singer presses his lips to the damp skin. Licking and biting, eliciting little yelps and moans from the bassist. Andy keeps moving his hand lightly up and down Ashley's cock, running his thumb over the slit on every upward movement.  "Andy fuck,"

Removing his hand, Andy got down onto his knees, lightly scanning his fingers across the V of Ashley's hips. Smiling at the little noises he was making, Andy licked across his boyfriend's outlaw tattoo.

Looking up at Ashley, Andy spun his finger in a slow circular movement. "Turn around," Ashley nodded, and turned his body around, facing the wall, palms pressed against the cold tile. Andy smiled to himself and put his hands on Ashley's hips, licking across Ashley's hole.

Ashley straightened up with a sharp gasp, clasping his hand over his mouth. Smirking at the sounds his boyfriend made, Andy kept licking and probing, moving one of his fingers to lightly press at Ashley's hole. Eventually, he was able to enter his finger along with his tongue. It wasn't as terrible as Andy had expected, but then again, a lot in the past few weeks had been that way.  

Andy pulled away from Ashley, put his finger stayed, moving and curling, before he added another. Ashley had his forehead pressed against the wall, little puffs of air leaving his mouth. He reached downwards to stroke himself, but received a slap to the hand by Andy. The younger man stood up straight away, holding Ashley's hands behind his back. "Nope. You're gonna fucking wait," Ashley opens his mouth to protest. "Say anything and you can't come at all," He shut his mouth.

"Now you're gonna spread your little legs like a good boy and let me do all the work," Andy presses his lips against Ashley's. "Okay?"

Ashley nods with a bite to his lip, and spreads his legs a bit wider. Slipping two fingers inside Ashley, Andy presses light kisses along Ashley's neck and shoulder blades, curling his fingers and rapidly shoving his fingers in and out of Ashley.

The older man just stands there and moans. His knees are caving in, and he doesn't care. He can't actually. Ashley pushes back on Andy's fingers, biting on his lip. Not quite hard enough to draw blood, but enough to feel like he had. He could literally feel Andy's fingers inside him, pulling out, and spreading once they were inside him. It stretched and burned, but it felt so goddamn good.

Once Andy brushed over that spot inside Ashley, that was fucking it. The man moaned in complete ecstasy. His knees buckled, but luckily Andy caught him in time. Smirking, Andy pressed a kiss to Ashley's neck. "You like that?" He continued to rub over Ashley's prostate, making him harder than he already was. Ashley though could only moan and push back again. Of course he did, and Andy knew it. He just knew what buttons to push and when to push them.

Andy pulled his fingers out, and Ashley whined in loss. He was about to turn around before Andy put his hand on his back. "You ready?" Ashley shivered at the feeling of Andy pressing against his hole. Nonetheless, Ashley nodded, taking in a small breath. He was nervous, of course he was; but Ashley trusted Andy with this. He knew that if it hurt, Andy would stop. "Just relax angel,"

Lining up with Ashley's hole, Andy slowly began to push in. Ashley gasped and his eyes squeezed shut. It burned, ached, and was one hundred percent not enjoyable. He didn't know how he'd be able to handle the rest of it. Ashley knew it would get better, but goddamn can't it get better like now?

With Andy all the way in, Ashley lets out the breath he didn't even know he was holding. Moaning lightly, Ashley leans into it as Andy runs his hands down the older man's outer thighs. Smiling through the discomfort and pain, Ashley rests his cheek against the cold tile of the shower wall. "It could have been a bit more romantic, but I'll deal with this," He says, whining when Andy slowly pulls back, before slamming back in.

"Well I was planning on this happening tonight anyways. Guess it doesn't matter how," Pushing the hair back from his shoulders, Andy places a soft kiss to Ashley's skin. He can feel him shaking, and he knows it hurts. Andy's never taken it from anyone, but this can't be comfortable in the slightest. Ashley nods, so Andy pushes some more, slow and careful. By now, Ashley's relaxed, seemed to come to terms with the fact of knowing it only gets better from here.

After a few minutes, Andy's set a pace, and Ashley's making these little sounds that just sound amazing. Placing both hands on Ashley's hips, Andy pulls out almost all the way, and then slams back in.

Eyes widening, Ashley moans loudly, slapping a hand over his mouth to muffle the sounds. "Oh fuck Andy," Smirking to himself, he knows that works. He keeps doing that, slamming in and out of Ashley, causing the older man to bite on his lower lip. Ashley feels the warm liquid running down his chin from biting his lip, honestly though he doesn't care. This feeling is unlike anything he's ever felt. It's different from with a girl sure, but this is a different kind of pleasure. This is Andy, and he's wanted to know what this feels like since they exchanged names at that nightclub. Now that its' happening, Ashley never wants to stop.

Andy grabs Ashley by his hair, and tugs his head back, attacking his lips with his own. He sucks Ashley's lower lip into his mouth, feeling a few droplets of blood fall into his mouth. For only a split second, Andy feels bad for having had done that. That feeling though is soon replaced when his hand finds Ashley's cock. It's hard, throbbing, and leaking. Andy matches his hands movement with his hips, leaving Ashley a moaning mess in his arms. If this is what the Purdy Sex Experience is like, Andy feels like a fucking idiot for never initinating this before.

"God, Andy," Ashley moans out, thrusting back before he comes all over Andy's hand, moaning and choking out sounds. Everything becomes unbearably tight, and Ashley keeps pushing back against Andy. Grabbing both his hips and thrusting forward again, Andy leans forward.

"In or out angel?"

"In. Oh fuck Andy please in,"

With that, Andy comes, every nerve ending in his body on fire. It feels so intense that maybe for a second Andy feels like he'll pass out. He doesn't though, and then opens his eyes to find Ashley bent forwards, one arm propping himself up on the wall. Andy takes a few moments to regain his composure, before pulling out of Ashley, turning him around, and pressing his lips against his boyfriend's.

Tongues flick, lips slide, and bodies entangle.

Pulling away, Andy smiles against Ashley's lips. "Good?"





I swear the next chapter won't take so long to write. I know exactly what I wanna do for it.

I don't own the boys. I wish I did, but I don't.
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DezziBVB Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Holy jeez. Anywho, you know what Ashley says about Andley, right? Like, the real Ashley? xD I love Andley, but Ashley said: Andley, Cashley, etc.. What do i think ? Its very disturbing.. I guess, i'll speak to those who only think we're hot and wanna be with us, and not to those who admire us. So if you think we're hot and wanna be with us.. i don't understand why you make love stories about band mates together and make us homosexual. I would think you would make up love stories about us being with 'you' and not with each other... i really don't understand it i guess, and think its weird. =X
Anyway, yeah. Had to post that.
X-xmissvanity Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omfg I know and half of me feels REALLY FRIGGIN BAD ABOUT THIS.
Seriously. In my other OTP Charlayy (YoutuberxJayyVon) the other guy is so uncomfortable it makes me feel bad ><
DezziBVB Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It makes me feel bad, but I can't help it. I mean, its not like we go to concerts and like beg for them to kiss. I've seen videos of people trying to do that.
X-xmissvanity Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Right it's like we feel bad, but it's not's not like that we still can't like it. Like I'm both on what Ashley said, I want nothing more than to have sex with him and its on my bucket list but I know him and Andy will never be together,.
DezziBVB Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
What exactly is a bucketlist?
And exactly. Andy is perfect with Juliet, in the way I see. And someday I know Ashley will finally get a girlfriend. I mean, we can tell they both are straight. And they always tell us to let our imaginations run wild and to write them down and share them with others. Why not imagine them together, even though we know it wont happen? Its something to let us think about and imagine and share with the world. I mean, it honestly would be completely weird if Andy and Juliet broke up and Andy turned gay and started dating PurdyPorn who loved whores. xD
X-xmissvanity Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A bucketlist is a list of things you wanna do before you die. And I'm seeing BVB in like....30 days....AND ASH'S STILL SINGLE. I CAN LIE AND SAY IM 18, IT CAN HAPPEN XDD.
But agreed. I mean I think I'd fangirl if it ever happened, but I know it won't. And if they really had such a terrible problem with it, they'd do more than just voice their opinion. They'd do worse. But that's just what I think
DezziBVB Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Have I told you about going to a botdf concert and what happened there??
Im glad Ashley at least told us what he thinks about it, so we know their opinion on it. Now I want Andys opinion.
X-xmissvanity Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh good god, what happened? I saw them on Warped but I'm pretty sure what happened with me is different than what you know.
And Andy probably just.....NO FUCKS GIVEN
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